New Project: Integrative Herbalism


"New" is a little misleading. It's not entirely new because I am reusing an old website to transform it into this new project. I have been thinking of how to integrate My Community Nutrition with the new information that I am getting from my new training in Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is totally doable to combine the two, but I find it easier to compartmentalize the information into their own places. There are simply too much information to put into one website, one social media account, or one blog. So I am creating a new project for me separate the more practical information which goes on My Community Nutrition and the more scientific research-based information on Integrative Herbalism. With that said, it will take me some times to bring both projects up to speed as I am juggling a full-time school load and working two jobs. So please stay tune and check out the new website: website | Facebook | Instagram

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