Stuff that I find to be Cool/Cute AF

This post is basically about stuff that I either find to be too cool or too cute not to post...


Here is a video of a Smart Car with Hayabusa Turbo Engine. For those not familiar with the Smart Car, it is made by Mercedes and its engine size is literally as big as a motorcycle. It's great on gas and yes you can park it almost anywhere. I love my Smart Car and I don't see myself going back to driving a "normal car" anytime soon. The idea of owning one had been implanted in me ever since I saw one during my visit to Rome. 


I got a flat tire one day and brought my car in for service. The guy who worked on my car insisted that I'd see this video of a Smart Car with a Hayabusa turbo engine. I have a friend who puts a Porsche engine into a VW Beetle. So planting this idea in my head is so totally no bueno...just saying ;)



This is actually not a music video, but a friggin' beer commercial in South Korea. Take a hint, Budweiser:


This is the most underrated FF movies of all time. You either love or hate this movie (and song!) - there is no in-betweens when it comes to this one:




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