Meet & Greet the Candidates from Greater Wilshire Neighborhood Council

 I have always worked and collaborated with many neighborhood councils in the greater Los Angeles area on various health and wellness projects. This year, though, I am an official running candidate for the 2016 Neighborhood Council election for the Greater Wilshire Neighborhood Council. The position I am running for is called at-large representative. I am very excited for this opportunity to get even deeper with the community involvements in my neighborhood. As I've already mentioned in my previous blog post, I have partnered with the Los Angeles Public Library and Friends of Wilshire Library to build a small community garden for the Wilshire branch. I do plan to collaborate with other libraries as well to create friendly outdoor spaces for the community and families to get together. Another project that I am also working on is setting up farmers market tours with the neighborhood councils to create more community engagement and public awareness of the health benefits of farmers markets. Therefore this position is ideal for me to learn more about the Greater Wilshire NC, and be more proactive with community activities in the 15 geographic areas. Elections for the Greater Wilshire Neighborhood Council are on May 1st of this year. In preparation for the event, the election committee had organized a meet & greet session for the candidates to get to know more about one another and reach out to the community. The session went really well and we are in the process of organizing another networking event with all the running candidates to get together one more time before the election. I will write more about the election in future posts. Here are some other pictures from the meet & greet event:




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