Diabetes Workshop for East Los Angeles Pregnancy Center

I was invited to speak at the Roybal Foundation for a group of participants from the East Los Angeles Pregnancy Center. This was a collaborative project with the American Diabetes Association to make nutrition and diabetes awareness resources more avaiable to the community. It was a mixed group of young women from low-income household with newborn children, and some pregnant participants as well. I was asked to focus on Type II Diabetes, but we spent quite a bit of time on gestational diabetes as there was a need among the participants. Most are familiar with the current dietary guideline and the MyPlate recommendation. Some of the women are currently on diabetic medications for diabetes mellitus management. Many are concerned about the likelihood that their children will affected by diabetes when they grow up. There was some confusions about the food groups classifications - for example which food groups beans and legumes belong to. There was some expressed concerns about how impractical the MyPlate model is compared to the reality of making it a part of everyday life.

We discussed briefly about the benefits of farmers market and community gardens. I encouraged them to reach out to me to learn more about resources within the community. Speaking of community garden, I was almost blown away from the CUTE little hydroponic community garden tucked away on the side of the Roybal Foundation building. It was confirmed to me that it was a vegetable garden available to the community. I exchanged contact information with the director of the program, and hopefully we can establish some nutrition program for the community in the near future. Here are some pictures: