University High School’s Diabetes Awareness Month Workshop

In collaboration with Let’s Move West LA, I was invited to University High School in Santa Monica to give nutrition seminars about the American Diabetes Association‘s Diabetes Month campaign to Mrs. Kerri Eich’s classes. Mrs. Eich is an innovative health educator at University High who have pioneered many advanced nutrition and gardening projects to bring awareness to the important issues of obesity, diabetes, and organic gardening. She is also a community leader who have participated in many community projects with Let’s Move West LA. She leads an annual event at University High School called the “Health & Fitness Fair” which happens every year in April. The event is a wonderful opportunity for her students to organize and lead nutrition and fitness activities to the community. The foods are grown by the students themselves in their community garden, and they are encouraged to talk about their projects and educate community members on the topics of healthy eating and organic gardening.

Other updates and photos are available at the Let’s Move West LA Google+ photo albums.