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One of the best ways to eat healthy is cooking your own foods. Not only does this save you money, but it also empowers you physically, emotionally and mentally to be connected to the foods that you eat. Long gone are the days when we have to slave away for hours in the kitchen to make a healthy meal. With new technology and resources available, healthy meals can be prepared as fast as 15 minutes - the same time it takes you to stand in line to order fast foods. 


This section includes 30+ recipe books and nutrition guides to help you navigate the everyday kitchen. You can view them online or download them onto your tablet/smartphone for future reference. Be sure to pass these on to your friends and neighbors so we can help spread the message of health and wellness in the community. 


Start using these low-cost, easy-to-make recipes today to stay healthy and happy! Click here to download.

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Whether you are growing your own foods in a pot, in the backyard, or in a community garden, this section helps to give you the tools you need to grow your very own fruits and vegetables. Gardening is so therapeutic on so many levels, and it is one of the best excuses to spend more time outdoor. Gardening is also a versatile hobby in that you can do it alone, or build a community around it with your neighbors. And lastly, we think that gardening should be available to anybody and anywhere.


We love gardening because it is such a productive and creative endeavor. When it really comes down to it, there is no right way or wrong way to garden! There are guidelines that may help to suggest different methods of gardening, but at the end of the day gardening kind of have a mind of its own. And nothing is more rewarding than to witness the fruit of your effort springing into action in nature. We can't emphasize enough the importance of having fun while gardening. We think some people take gardening way too seriously and turn it into an ego game of "garden cop." Click here to download.

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MYTH: You need a gym membership, fancy shoes, and expensive workout clothes to start exercising. TRUTH: You can exercise anywhere and anytime - starting with just walking your dog around the neighborhood. The key to maintain a fitness routine is to keep it simple, versatile, and fun, and these guides will help you do just that. 


Whether you want to exercise solo or work out with a group, this section includes practical guides to help you establish your very own fitness routine. 


Be creative. Be bold. And be different. Think outside the box. Have patience with yourself. Fitness should be fun - not another chore on your to-do list. What works splendidly for your bestie or your fave celebrity, might not work for you. The last thing you want to do is try to mold yourself into a "one size fits all" mentality. Listen to your body and respect what it tells you. Click here to download.

healthy Family

 Resource Library  |  Healthy Family  |  Early Childhood   


Healthy habits and good nutrition in the early years is not only essential to the infant's health, but it is also the building block of eating habits later in life. Much of the focus on modern intervention of early childhood obesity is the quality of foods that the infant are exposed to. Taste buds and food preferences are formed during these early years and become the predictive factors of chronic health diseases later in life. 

This section provide guides on feeding habits, nutrition, and lifestyle choices that will help you and your infant thrive in the early years.


Infants and toddlers are much more aware of their bodies and environment than we give them credit for. While they may not know how to communicate their wants and needs in a direct manner, they internalize and process every bit of external stimulus around them. Therefore it is very important for new parents to become attuned to what their infant/toddler is trying to tell them. Click here to download.

 Resource Library  |  Healthy Family  | Cooking with Kids  


One of the most effective tools against childhood obesity is empowering kids with the necessary skills to makes healthy decisions about food habits and nutrition early in life. Not only cooking a helpful basic skill to have, it also helps kids to feel more confident and in charge of their own health and well-being. 

This section provides cookbooks, healthy recipes, and safe kitchen practice guides for you and your family to start cooking together.


From my experience of working with kids from the ages of 6-12, I am inspired to dedicate this section and the next (gardening with kids) to provide resources to get more kids in the kitchen and the garden. Kids are naturally curious about their environment so cooking and gardening help to direct their attention to the two important tools that will help them to be more proactive about their lifestyle. Click here to download.

Resource Library  |  Healthy Family  | Gardening with kids 


Gardening is wonderful activity to incorporate many elements of health-related habits especially for young children. It provides opportunities for them to spend more time outdoor and less screen-time on their phone/tablet/computer/TV. It exposes kids to the natural world of plants and insects that help them to be more connected to their environment. Vegetable gardening is an essential tool to teach kids about where their foods come from and to encourage young children to choose more fresh foods over processed foods that they see on TV. It helps to facilitate important conversations about food waste, urban agriculture, and sustainability.


This section includes gardening guidebooks and curriculum building resources that will help to facilitate fun and interesting gardening experiences for the little ones.


The goal of this section is to provide kids, family, and teachers with resources to start gardening anytime and anywhere. You don't a big space or fancy tools to start gardening. You can start gardening in a container with healthy soil and some seeds. Click here to download.

healthy Community

Resource Library | Healthy Community | Sustainable Schools 


Children spend a large chunk of their time growing up in and around their schools. Therefore it is important that schools provide a safe, nourishing, and healthy environment where every kids can thrive in. Good nutrition and ample green spaces are the important backbone for kids to learn about the importance of healthy eating and physical activity. 


In this section, we provide resources to help the community build relationships with the school food systems to bring about more sustainable and healthy changes. 

A sustainable school food system is where food waste is minimized and ample access to healthy and nutritious foods is maximized. In order to bring about this sustainable change, the schools have to work collaboratively with its supporting community to harness the available resources in their local environment. School gardens are valuable educational tools to teach kids about nutrition and to grow foods locally. Composting is another important activity to incorporate in the school food system. Click here to download.

Resource Library| Healthy Community  | Community Food Systems 


We don't want to just let the saying "it takes a village" be just an empty idiom that gets repeated without substantial action to back it up. Building and sustaining a healthy community should be the backbone of all modern society. Technology is making our lives around the world more intertwined and interdependent than ever before. Gone are the days when we can hide in our backyard and pretend that what is happening in Asia won't have any effect on the lives of citizens in the Americas.  


This section provides community resource guides to help you connect and network with important constituents in your neighborhood and city to bring about healthy changes.


We hope that the guides in this section will help to empower more people to become engaged citizens in their own community, and inspire others to do the same. Once you get out there and become more present in the community, you will find that you have a lot more in common with the people around you than you previously think. Click here to download.

Resource Library| Healthy Community | Social Entrepreneurship


We kind of borrow the concept of social business by Professor Muhammad Yunus, a Nobel Prized economist, the founder of Grameen Bank, and also known as "Banker to the Poor" who revolutionized and modernized the micro-loan industry around the world to empower underserved borrowers (most of them are women). We dedicate this section to inspire entrepreneurship in the field of social change. 

We believe that there is a shift (albeit a slow one) in the business world where the stakeholders are becoming more inspired to create a business that does not center around maximizing profits for the shareholders. Social entrepreneurs are revolutionizing the business landscape as we speak to bring about a more sustainable approach to all industries around the world. 


The social entrepreneur will have different challenges than a traditional one. Can we build a profitable and sustainable business that is not destructive to the environment? Can we adopt and adapt a new model of doing business that is competitive and efficient while maintaining high level of morale, integrity, and social responsibility? Click here to download.