Community Nutrition

A holistic approach to address health and social issues such as childhood obesity, diabetes, urban agriculture, and food equity



It starts with YOU - 

your voice matters


We want to hear from you. What is working for you (and NOT working for you) in your community food & nutrition landscape? How can we work together to create a sustainable and nourishing environment for you and your constituents?


Real change starts at home

What are the obstacles and opportunities in your environment that either supports or discourages healthy lifestyle choices? How can we make it more accessible for families to work more collaboratively together to address core issues related to health and nutrition? 


It takes a village - and a whole lot of love

The community is nothing more than a bigger family unit made up of smaller families and their members. We can choose to operate as a weak fragment in isolation, or we can unite and help to empower each other through collaborations.

Who we want to work with

How we want to go about it


with innovative

 movers and shakers 


In the age of connections and disruptive technology, we recognize the important role of innovative collaborations through building relationships and establishing connections to streamline communications & maximize team effort.


ALL stakeholders - 
on ALL levels

We think it is a strategic disadvantage when we choose to focus on only shortsighted goals. Therefore, we want to include as many parties as possible when we make decisions, implement community projects, and communicate with stakeholders. 


EVERYONE in the community

We honor the diversity and uniqueness of our community on ALL levels - local, national, and global. We strive to empower each other as interdependent members and a collective family in this thriving economy of connections.


Host a Community Nutrition Workshop

Help us spread the message of health and wellness in your community

**The workshop is  FREE for all communities in the greater Los Angeles area. We just need you to provide us with a location.**