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This post is basically about stuff that I either find to be too cool or too cute not to post...

Here is a video of a Smart Car with Hayabusa Turbo Engine. For those not familiar with the Smart Car, it is made by Mercedes and its engine size is literally as big as a moto...

I am such a sucker for things that make me laugh 'til it hurts. And hey, laughter is after all the best medicine. This next video is dedicated for all of y'all who keeps mispronouncing my name!

Sarah Palin Remix-Battle: HOUSE vs. TRAP by B-Phisto:

Funny scenes from Shaol...

Here is a compilations of dance choreography I find either inspiring or just fun. I don't even remember how I came across Emily Sasson, but I just totally love her choreography and her tomboyish style. 

I was supposed to take a hiphop class at the Debbie Reynolds Dance...

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