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Mission Statement

My Community Nutrition is dedicated to serve the community by providing free nutrition and health resources to individuals, families, and organizations in order to address social and health issues such as diabetes and obesity prevention, food equity, farmers market accessibility, and urban agriculture. We want to empower underserved families and communities with the tools needed to address the many urgent issues facing our food, nutrition, and health landscape today. The services we provide include community nutrition workshops, online resource library, farmers market tours, community outreach, and much more. We strive to build collaborative relationships with our community partners to bring a wide range of tools to empower our clients to make healthy lifestyle choices.

Our Programs

Community Nutrition Workshop
Free community nutrition workshops for individuals, families, and community organizations within the greater Los Angeles area.
Online Resource Library
Hundreds of free downloadable books & guides on nutrition, breastfeeding, parenting, gardening, and more.
Community Resource Guides
Interactive maps and calendars to find local garden, farmers market, sustainable food sources, workshops, and events.
Community Outreach Coordination
Collaborate with community partners to provide resources at community health fairs & open public events.

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